excursion: Parallel Time Distortion
excursion: Vortex-Control Phaser
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speculation fx control manifesto addressed as a
philosophical reference paper....)
speculation fx process is an inquiry that reflects transcendentally beyond time and space.... For example, the continuing vistas of this unconventional thematic perspective as an advancement in an inherent cumulative strategy with the concept of an instrument reflects this specific yet undefined impelled forcefield that is therefore apprehendable only by the systematic integration of this conceptually modified fx "spectrum," i.e., a certain unknown forcefield continuum is symbolically accessible through the spatiotemporal "vortex-zone" meta-language of this integrated characteristic fx interaction.... Apparently, this high order fx "meta-language" of these instructional modifications is in theory a transcendental reflection beyond the parameters of time and space....
....03) Speculatively and hypothetically, if the mysterious origin of the inquiry "Dimension-gamma-command investigations" is found in the strange phenomenon of an unknown forcefield continuum directed by the possible teleportation of an instrument, then this advancement is actually a representative conceptual fx process of this specific yet undefined forcefield. Is the mysterious origin of this philosophically idealistic advancement an unknown forcefield continuum directed by this possible unexplainable "interference?" In fantasy literary terms, perhaps yes; however, this question has no immediate grounds for a certain and apparent answer in the physical world. In this instructional "vortex-zone" fx system, possible teleportation is defined fundamentally as
"the theoretical transportation of matter through space by converting it into energy and then reconciling it at the terminal point." With this nebulous and vaguely understood definition, the deliberate theoretical articulation of the systematic representation of specific energy "interference" in reference to conceptually modified fx parameters and the strange phenomenon of a certain anomalous forcefield under the direction and impelled by this mysterious possibility is the essence of these unconventional perspectives....
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L' Aube d'une Nouvelle Civilisation:
(The Dawn of A New Civilization:)
La' Dimension-Gamma-Commande Guitare Vortex-Zone
l'Investigations du Forcefield Continuum
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(We have systemized control)
Nous avons systematise controle