excursion: Parallel Time Distortion
excursion: Vortex-Control Phaser
(FinalNexusGuitarEffects.com: a speculative
rhetorical fx control manifesto addressed as a
philosophical reference paper....)
("Speculation List of Assorted Inquiries")
"La Liste Speculatif d'Enquetes Assorties"
"ecology flag"
Final Nexus Guitare Effets Appareilles presente....
(Final Nexus Guitar Effects Devices presents)....
L' Aube d'une Nouvelle Civilisation:
(The Dawn of A New Civilization:)
Le' Dimension-Gamma-Commande Guitare Vortex-Zone
l'Investigations du Forcefield Continuum
(Analogue du secteurs midi)
15) the timeless surge is the influence of this forcefield continuum within the flow of time, the great in the small____16) an advancement is not necessarily a representation____17) Final Nexus observes the entire electronic "index of the distortion table" from analogue overdrive to "fuzz" effects as necessarily a sonic "distortion" and therefore not a representation of a specific forcefield ____18) metaphorically the sci-fi teleportation forcefield manipulation of space and time is a perspective____19) the mysterious "primary directive" can be only identifiable as possible teleportation of an instrument by an unknown "interference energy"____20) possible teleportation of an instrument can be light years through outer-space and is therefore "astral" in nature, i.e., "of, relating to, or coming from the stars or outer space," for planet Earth resides in the Milky Way Galaxy (see definition 16 "astral" in interpretation 20....)____21) "wave fluxuation" effects simulating "activation of a device by means of a signal" can imply speculatively an outer-space "astral" origin____22) the "terminal point" of possible teleportation of an instrument can be any undisclosed location in outer-space or even the surface zone of another planet, hypothetically Mars, for example (see interpretation 03) ____ 23) an orchestra is defined by the direction of composition interpretations: "orchestra" implies the orchestration of a direction in a composition.

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