excursion: Parallel Time Distortion
excursion: Vortex-Control Phaser
(Official Representational Terminology)
La Terminologie Representionnalle Officielle
(FinalNexusGuitarEffects.com: a theoretical
speculation fx control manifesto addressed as a
philosophical reference paper....)
01) signal-
02) system-
03) specific-
04) command-
05) strategem-
07) continuum-
08) vitality-
09) variety-
10) information-
06) investigation-
11) directive-
12) tactics-
14) vista-
16) astral-
15) sonic-
13) anomaly-
17) perspective-
18) phenomenon-
19) spectrum-
20) enterprise-
21) affinity-
22) speculative-
23) conceptual-
24) mystic-
Final Nexus Guitare Effets Appareilles presente....
(Final Nexus Guitar Effects Devices presents)....
L' Aube d'une Nouvelle Civilisation:
(The Dawn of A New Civilization:)
Le' Dimension-Gamma-Commande Guitare Vortex-Zone
l'Investigations du Forcefield Continuum
(Analogue du secteurs midi)
....20) Elucidation of An Official Representational Terminology and Overview: the language written in this official Final Nexus Fx control manifesto is English with special emphasis on an "official representational terminology," although revised presentations would certainly realize a more accurate leisurely worldly temperament in successful authoritative french translations, providing complimentary and resourceful comparisons. The english and french romance languages employed by this abstract speculation fx system is literally a reflection of meaning and therefore only a reflection independent of any language itself. The official disclosure of this carefully revised paper is salutatory to insist on this complete interdependence from an obvious vernacular herein or idiosyncratic rhetorical style and to be observed in the proper context of a representation of meaning and to enshrine the uncorruption of a higher "vortex-zone" fx meta-language that these extraordinary conceptual perspectives can only be founded entirely upon, although clearly the intention of this official disclosure in cyberspace media is the well-ordered presentation of an accessible and rhetorical technical and philosophical fx directive in the (too often false-authoritarian) age of information. An overview of the representative terms that deserve an accurate definition and continuing consideration and contemplation in this timeless fx control manifesto are as follows: