excursion: Parallel Time Distortion
excursion: Vortex-Control Phaser
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(Speculation List of Assorted Inquiries)
La Liste Speculatif d'Enquetes Assorties
....22) "Theoretical speculation list of assorted inquiries...." (see interpretation 21, definition 20)

01) energy is not dependent on teleportation or the "conversion of matter into energy;" energy can be "possible teleportation" ____02) the continuing magnification of invisibility for a continuing inquiry in specifics presents an investigation into the vitalities and acting power of an "info-vacuum" that is the possible teleportation of an instrument by an interference energy.... (therefore acting power = a forcefield continuum).____04) what is the relationship of "interference energy" and reflection beyond time and space? (energy is an "acting power," not an occupation in space: volition)____05) nothing known causes this phenomenon____06) "inquiry" can imply an investigation into the possible electronic presentation of a specific forcefield____07) possible teleportation can not exist without reference to effects phenomena____08) "keys to the continuum" implies unlimited control of an instrument within the parameters of space-time anomaly fx phenomena____09) one definition of an idealist is someone who believes that ideas have an existence independent of experience____10) idealist philosophy is closely analogous to the movement in literature and art known as "romanticism;" corresponding to idealist philosophy, romantic art and literature symbolizes that we are part of a unified reality that transcends our individual experiences____11) transcendence- "beyond experience;" the idealists believed that we can have a transcendent understanding of a unified reality____12) space-time compression warp phenomena of near light speed velocities, gravitational lensing and the geodetic effect are analogous to the conceptual electronic fx Compression Space Modulator, Parallel Time Distortion, Vortex Control Phaser____13) space-time anomaly parameters of variable rates and intensities correspond to control panels with accurate dials____14) "assessments and observations" exist independently from participation of human agencies____
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L' Aube d'une Nouvelle Civilisation:
(The Dawn of A New Civilization:)
Le' Dimension-Gamma-Commande Guitare Vortex-Zone
l'Investigations du Forcefield Continuum
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