excursion: Parallel Time Distortion
excursion: Vortex-Control Phaser
(FinalNexusGuitarEffects.com: a speculative
rhetorical fx control manifesto addressed as a
philosophical reference paper....)
Final Nexus Guitare Effets Appareilles presente....
(Final Nexus Guitar Effects Devices presents)....
L' Aube d'une Nouvelle Civilisation:
(The Dawn of A New Civilization:)
Le' Dimension-Gamma-Commande Guitare Vortex-Zone
l'Investigations du Forcefield Continuum
(Analogue du secteurs midi)
("We have systemized control")
"Nous avons systematise controle"
corresponding inquiry in the bold and daring ventures of science-fiction and particularly the elite genre of "cyberpunk" metaphysical idealism (see interpretation 22, inquiry 11) This simple yet profoundly novel idea is that through sci-fi guitar fx an inquiry into the possible hypothetical phenomenon of a certain "teleportation forcefield" is available through the activation of a device by the means of a signal. These extraordinary supernatural or occult suppositions fundamental to this idealism are a thoroughly unknown and nebulous question altogether however and have no lucid or immediate affiliation, yet are by no means unapparent in this superlative fictional providence of intelligent and imaginative "cyber-vortex literary vistas." For example, the continuing inquiries of this exemplary transcendentalism advanced by this abstract speculation fx process can be directed towards the ongoing curriculum and instruction of "space combat pilots" in this service as a foundation of the epic tactical-strategic campaigns of this inexplicable forcefield continuum, clearly defining "tactics" as the skill of employing available means to accomplish an end (see interpretation 19.) .... [interim]
....19) Conclusion: the acquisition of the "keys to the continuum" is clearly the underlying aim of this Final NexusFx system and theoretically these immaterial "keys" are an endowment inherently with the investigation or inquiries of "Compression Space Modulator" or "Parallel Time Distortion" in the intervention of this abstract speculation fx process as a "vortex-zone" phenomenon in the world of space and time, or properly in the context of a particular relationship with an instrument (see interpretation 07.) Although the "investigations continuum" of Dimension-gamma-command modifications is an avenue that exists independently from any participation of human agencies, electronic enthusiasts in assessments with this fundamental criteria in a foundation control theory are therefore endowed and enshrined with the tactical stability or primary directive of this enterprise (see interpretation 20, definition 06)